Balancing Acceptance and Change.


Emotions are the very source of joy, but for many people the inability to regulate our emotions can result in chaos, suffering and a feeling of being out of control. Often when this happens, we feel like our only option is to close off from what is painful.   We try to control our suffering anyway we can, sometimes through the use of substances or other self-destructive acts. This avoidance leads to superficial and unfulfilling relationships with others, our selves and the world. Our inability to control our emotional suffering can lead to low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and relationship issues.  Pain is inevitable, but suffering is not. 

At Goodman Psychotherapy Associates, we help people begin to tolerate and manage their emotional pain to lead richer and fuller lives.  It can be a challenging process, but often the price of not changing is much higher than the cost of trying to grow. 



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