Goodman Psychotherapy Associates in Boston focuses on delivering expert and compassionate care.  Choosing to begin psychotherapy is a hard and brave choice.  Dr. Goodman  believes that the best therapy starts with a genuine, empathic and honest relationship. Her style is warm and at times humorous, and she incorporates different approaches from cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral, client-centered, interpersonal, feminist, multicultural and psychodynamic therapies to flexibly meet your needs. By developing a true appreciation of her client's strengths and through working together, clients are able to learn about themselves and to begin to live the lives they deserve. She enjoys working with people struggling with different aspects of their lives, from mood, to anxiety, to relationships. We all carry complexities from the past.

Dr. Goodman believes in the rights of every person to reach their full potential, and welcomes clients of all ethnicities, races, religions, sexual/gender/relational identities and cultural experiences.